Dear Friend,

As the Group basks in its 127-year heritage of pioneering innovation, we are thankful for Edward Keventer’s guiding philosophy every step of the way.

We continue to measure success not by annual revenues, but by our customers' satisfaction. When we look at any project, we prioritize our customers' problems over our own. We internalize, plan, and execute with diligence. This is what has helped us stay on the growth path that fulfills the wishes of millions.

Keventer stands tall everywhere it has ventured into - Fruits and Vegetables, Dairy & Dairy products, Fruit Beverages, Real Estate, and Exports.

Our Metro Dairy nourishes Calcutta and its hinterland. Its ice cream is a runaway favourite despite competing with national ice cream brands.

We make and sell Parle products like Frooti, Appy & Appy Fizz all over Eastern India. We have a dynamic and fast growing export unit, which has aspirations to cross the Rs. 1,000 Crores mark over the next few years The success of our Banana & Frozen Foods divisions gives us encouragement to increase the basket of “Keventer” products further as consumers have acknowledged our focus on quality and food safety.

Our core philosophy remains constant - At every step we must raise the expectations of our customers. We must continue to surpass our promises and take on newer and tougher challenges. Our focus and intent should grow bigger and taller with every venture - Satisfying millions, Fulfilling wishes.

Mahendra Kumar Jalan
Chairman Emeritus, Keventer